Authentic Leadersship

Topics: Leadership, Learning, Skill Pages: 3 (1030 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Understanding values and living by the values in life has its own impact on leadership styles and skills. I am Mohammed Musthaq following the final year in Business and Management at Middlesex University. In this report which I write I will be revealing the values which I identified in relating to leadership and how these values have affected me and turned me to act to according to different situations and circumstances with regard to values and leadership styles. Some of the values which I have identified within myself are * Authenticity

* Respect & Diversity
* Learning & Curiosity
* Teamwork
* Responsibility
* Service
I consider myself as trustworthy and not 100% genuine because I have come across situations when I am unable to be genuine but I never let anyone’s trust on me down. But when it comes to genuineness I have my ups and down according to the situation and need. If I am to be genuine all the time I will not be able to compete with this world and environment because nobody is genuine when it come to each individuals own wants and needs. I always motivate myself when it comes to certain tasks. For example when I started the degree I had the motivation within myself that I should not play around and waste my time as how it happened in the past. Because my previous experience was such that I had to motivate myself without being careless and playing around wasting time and effort, when it comes to group works and activities I realized that due to my lack of effort and interest at times I felt that I am being dependant on my team members but at times I had been interdependent and have taken things into my side. Respect & diversity

During the early periods of the degree we had some group activities and there were misunderstandings and confusions within the group members. Here I learned the value that nobody is superior and different and it’s the attitude and the way we see people which portrays them as...
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