Authentic Leader Journey Report

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Work Book 01
1.1 My Personal Experience
My Personal Experience
Mid-term examination at APIIT
My fellow colleagues were facing difficulties with studying particular chapters that I was good at. Therefore, despite of the time factor, I agreed to help them to get through. Taking care of my pets at home & around

I am much more concerned about the wellbeing of my pets & animals around the neighborhood. Always feed them on time, groom & treat them in case of any medical emergency Precise & honest towards my duties/ responsibilities

I do my level best to avoid any irrelevant contact with my office mates that will disturb my routine & always try to stay focused on finishing given duties on time with satisfactory results. Keeping my house clean & organized

I am much concerned about keeping my house & around clean & organized by following the 5S methodology. Enthusiasm towards hand crafting, event management & arts I am very much interested in making my own hand crafts in gifting friends & family, organizing small & creative surprise parties for friends & sketching art. Taking up the challenge of working full-time while studying

At the point of final year studies, I took up a job to work on full time while managing my studies, time & tasks. During O/Ls, failed economic during the first shy but score an ‘A’ during the 2nd shy At the first instance, I was very disappointed. I studies better & hard for the second shy which I ended up with an ‘A’ grade where my parents & teachers were much impressed.

1.2Character Map
Oshadi Korale of ADSL
The strong love & motive she has towards helping stray animals has made her stand up through rock bottom situations and prove that if you have the will, you have the way. (Allies)

‘Auditur et altera pars (the other side is heard as well)’ – Lucius Annaeus Seneca
Judgments must not be made without hearing it from both sides. (Historical Figure)
‘Leaders who perceive favors have no chance to build trust’ – Rober Whipple To be a good leader with followers trust, put yourself in others shoe. (Author)
‘Dhammo Bave Rakkhanthi Dhamma Chareehu’
– Lord Buddha
Behave in dhamma & dhamma itself will protect you.
(Religious Leader)
‘Trust is like glass, you can’t mend it once broken’
– My Mother
Be trustworthy that makes you dependable & never break it because afterwards, it will always be in question. (Threshold Guardian)
‘We only have what we give’
– Isabelle Allende
Be empathetic & helpful. And it will come back to you
‘Winners don’t do different things; they do things in a different way’ – Shiv Kehera Think creative from the ordinary
(Public Figure)
‘Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me’ -B.B King Always learn from mistakes

‘There is a sufficiency in the world for man’s need but not for man’s greed’ – Mohandas Gandhi
Consume nature’s gifts sparingly
(Preeminent leader)
‘The true wisdom is a resolute determination’
– Napoleon Bonaparte
With strong determination, dreams could be made become true. (Historical figure)
‘Active evil is better than passive good’ – William lake In everything you do, be active

1.3Johari Window

Open (you know/ I know)HelpfulEmpatheticSupports JusticeAnimal LovingReligiousCreativeOutgoingHonestHumorousEco- FriendlyLearning from mistakesDetermination| Blind (you know/ I don’t)Value for thingsBoredVery much givingEager to outstandListen to others| Hidden (you don’t/ I know)PossessiveIndependentStrong Mentality| Unknown (you don’t/ I don’t)Accepting, Bold, Logical, Nervous, Proud, organized, Brave, Dependable, Intelligent, Tense|

* Open area is being identified by self-questioning & with the help of my parents, friends and close allies. * Interviews were carried out with my parents, siblings, team members & other friends in discovering the blind side of me. * Deep...
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