Authentic Assessment

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MOD 5 Case Study

Authentic Assessment

Authentic assessment is an umbrella concept that refers to the measurement of intellectual

accomplishments that is worthwhile, significant, and meaningful, as compared to multiple

choice standardized tests. Authentic assessment can be devised by the teacher or in collaboration

with the student by engaging student voice. When applying authentic assessment to student

learning and achievement, a teacher applies criteria related to construction of knowledge,

disciplined inquiry, and the value of achievement beyond the school. (Wikipedia)

Effective teaching is grounded in the development of successful classroom strategies. Among

the skills required of an effective school teacher is the use of classroom management, planning

and assessment of students. Examples of authentic assessments include:

* Performance of the skills, or demonstrating use of a particular knowledge

* Simulations and role plays

* Studio portfolios, strategically selecting items

* Exhibitions and displays

Assessment is changing for many reasons. Changes in the skills and knowledge needed for

success, in our understanding of how students learn, and in the relationship between assessments

and instruction is changing our learning goals for students and schools. We must change our

assessment strategies to tie assessment design and content to new outcomes and purpose for


Strategies to achieve good organization of the classroom as well as rules and procedures, effective communication and monitoring student’s behavior. In teaching JROTC one of the first things we stress are discipline and respect. The vision for JROTC is to providing a quality citizenship, character, and leadership development program, while fostering partnerships with communities and educational institutions. Some parents allow their children to join JROTC to appreciate the...
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