Austrian & Irish Immigration to the United States of America

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  • Published : February 17, 2012
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Austrian Immigrants to the United States Of America was not very popular that’s for sure. Austrian Immigrants to the United States was not considered a very big deal to the Austrians. Austrian immigrants to the United States were considered rare because it was an inconvenience to get all the way over here. Therefore, Austrian Immigrants to the United States were low in numbers, especially compared to the other groups like the Irish, or Italian. This is what words from the government had said. This however is not true. Austrian Immigrants to the United States was low compared to other nations, but the numbers weren’t low. They were indeed 4,315,000 strong. The only reason that number isn’t higher is because the size of the country (84,000 square kilometers) which is slightly smaller than the State of Maine. In addition to the small size of the country, it has mountains throughout it which limits even more population growth. Even still, the number of immigrants to the US was strong, and somewhat later than the “rush” of immigration to the US. Why? The answer lies in the year 1867. A new leader takes control over Austria and his name was Emperor Franz Josef and he established the government that runs Austria. Apparently the choices he made for Austria were not excepted by the people. They rioted, and became very angry. They could not believe that their peaceful land would be exploited by tourists and outsiders. After overwhelming response, he opened up a channel with the US and decided to “ship off” all Austrians who were unhappy with the political system. He did not want nay-sayer’s in his country.

Approximately 2,000,000 of the total people who immigrated from Austria to the US had left their country by force. They were unhappy so they got kicked out. That was quite a small number considering the 10 million that lived in the country. Although, after those 2 million were taken out the rest became quiet and took the change without pestering anyone. In a...
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