Australian Voice Essay

Topics: Meaning of life, English-language films, Australia Pages: 2 (496 words) Published: September 30, 2012
Good afternoon guys. I am Wayne Hyett, the editor of The castle. I am glad to standing here to show you my opinion of "The way Australians view and understand the word is unique". Which is represent the Australian's voice. This movie talking about a sweet-natured family called the Kerrigan. Eventhough they live beside the airport and under the power lines, they still pride of the house. One day Darryl has been told to evicted [i'vikt] out, but the house is really important to him so he attempts to fight the eviction. After go through all of the barriers, Darryl finally keep his house and the neighbors by Lawrence Hamill's help. Through this movie, we show the Australian's voice by using the different perception of Australian seeing thing the value of a family and the relationship with the underdog neighbors. Darryl has different perception of seeing things. As you can see repetition is the best way to show us about it. "Location, location, location ". That is the evaluate [i'væljueit] that Darryl give to his lovely house. The truth is the location of the house was not that good, its so close to an airport that planes almost scrape [skreip] their roof and the price as much as the same when he bought it. The reason we decide to use repetition to present is that we want the audience to know how important that the house means to Darryl .Instead of complaining, Darryl feels lucky to have such an up-close vies of man's conquest of nature. High-power lines buzz over the toxic landfill that is there backyard but he couldn't be prouder of his house.Darryl also belief that he has the luckiest family in the world. He built this house by himself and his children all grown in this house. All the people he loves are in this castle.There are a lot of memories in this house. The real meaning of location is not the physically location of the place, is a home which brimming over with love .So as you can see that's the different perception of Darryl seeing thing....
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