Australian Voice

Topics: Film editing, Rob Sitch Pages: 2 (828 words) Published: July 25, 2012
Hi everyone! How are you today? Nice to see all you guys here. Let’s me introduce myself first. My name is Jane Kennedy. I am one of writers of the film ‘The Castle’. I’m sure that everyone has watched ‘The Castle’, right? I’m invited to be here and tell you about this movie as well as how I and my team have built up and shown the ideas about the voice of Australians through it. As you know, everyone including Australians have their own way of understanding and an opinion of the world and people in it. That’s called their ‘voice’. However, the way Australians view and understand the world is unique. Let’s come back to ‘The Castle’, this is a story about the Kerrigan family who together stand up to fight against the government for their right and to keep their house. So, what is the Australian voice here? Now, I want to show you the three most significant ones. The value and importance they put on the actual house as a building; their belief in what is right or wrong no matter who is involved and finally their willingness to help and fight for underdogs. First, for the Australian people, their house and their family is the most important thing in their life. At the beginning, an establishing shot of the Kerrigan house was shown followed with some introductions by Dale to give us an overall image of where they live. Along the movie, Darryl’s quotes have been repeated a lot through dialogues. One of them is ‘A man house is his castle.’ However, what you can see is the Kerrigan house is just a regular house built beneath power lines, and directly adjacent to an airport runway. Despite all of this, Darryl believes that he lives in a luxury place as he exaggerates his house as a ‘castle’. From there, you would realize there is juxtaposition between the fact and what Darryl thinks. This house is definitely not valuable for me and you. But it’s priceless for Darryl. For him, it’s more than just a structure of ‘bricks and mortar’, but a home built with love and where his...
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