Australian Vision of Stricly Ballroom

Topics: Baz Luhrmann, Scotties Tournament of Hearts, Shut up Pages: 4 (1106 words) Published: July 11, 2011
INTRO: In today’s society, communication through dialogue is one of the most crucial elements. It does not only allow people to reveal their relationships but also to understand one another and express themselves through the use of _ _ _ _ _(silence, power and control). Thus, _ _ _ _,relationships , power and control are explored by the audience in both “Strictly Ballroom” by Baz Lurhmann and “Running Away” by Tony Coult. In both texts, dialogue reveals a sense of movement, power and control, and the mood of the characters which help the responders to develop an understanding of the characters, thereby determining the_ _ _ _ _

CONC: In the texts, “Strictly Ballroom” and “Running Away,” (answer question) and can be verbal or non-verbal. “Strictly Ballroom” uses a variety of film and language techniques to divulge the developing relationship between father and son from distant to a more intimate one where they understand and respect each other opinion and attitude. On the other hand, “Running Away” uses language that illustrates an equal position between friends and a close friendship amongst the characters. The colloquial language and taking turns show their equivalent and the level of intimacy. Therefore, both texts assist the responders to develop an understanding of the differences between individuals of which character has the authority of the conversation and thereby are able to determine their level of relationships.


1. Answer the question
2. Definition of Dialogue
3. Relate to the texts
4. Provide what is about to be revealed in the body
5. Use the words from the question
6. Last sentence must relate to the question

1. Give an explanation that answers the question.
2. use evidence from the text to support – examples, quotes 3. Include a conclusion in one sentence linking back to the questions by using the words from the question. 4. Try to refer to different...
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