Australian Poems

Topics: Poetry, Australia, Person Pages: 4 (1698 words) Published: April 9, 2008
B. Dawe -Enter without so much as knocking
A.D. Hope - Australia

Enter without so much as knocking by B.Dawe and Australia by A.D. Hope can be considered as very similar poems – they both tell about people’s nature, spiritual emptiness and lack of true values in the modern world of consumerism. The first poem refers to the whole population, criticizes the attitude, morality and lifestyle of the common person whereas in the poem of A.D. Hope the descriptions of empty land, which lacks the cultural identity, refer mostly to Australia. Both poems focus on problems connected with culture, decay of morality, uniqueness and identity. In my opinion both authors have this precious ability to keep a distance and perceive the world objectively. Their poems are the result of careful observation of society; they managed to penetrate deep into people’s souls and discovered the immense emptiness, which should be described and criticized. The poem Australia, written by A.D. Hope, is a description of poet’s fatherland – Australia. Hope spent many years in Europe so it was not a difficult task for him to remain objective and free from emotions which often distort the perception of reality. Having compared Europe to Australia he is able to criticize. Although his poem is strictly about Australia, one can find the other, deeper meaning which is available to people from the whole world. The person talking in the poem calls Australia “the nation of trees, drab green and desolate grey” – the colors of the land express the nature of nation which lacks vitality and energy. The images and scenery of the country reflex the spiritual poverty and vague identity. In the second stanza the age of Australia is highlighted – people tend to call her “a young country” but the truth is that this land is the oldest one. One can assume that the oldest country should have the richest tradition, culture and history. But Australia is “the emptiest”, lacks the values which constitute the identity...
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