Australian People

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  • Published : February 25, 2013
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Each city in Australian has a different character and habit reflecting the geographic situation and settling. For example, Melbourne is a city without beaches; therefore despite not having the sea, the coastal area in Melbourne is used as a port. The only good sandy beach is located at St.Kilda, about 20 km from the centre of Melbourne. So it can been seen that the beach culture in Melbourne is not as prominent. Their lifestyle, fashion and ways of life are therefore very different from coastal cities such as Sydney, Gold Coast and Perth. In Melbourne, people are more dedicated to working, money and business, and for fun on a weekend, they go to parks, have picnics, play Cricket, Rugby, or Golf. Of course there are people who are into water sports such as Kite Surfing or even Surf in more distant beaches, but the point is that Melbourne is a city based around urban activities: they love eating in restaurants and shopping. This type of atmosphere can also be seen in Brisbane, which is also urban based. In Brisbane, the closest beach is located 1 hour away on the Gold Coast or Sunshine Coast.  In coastal cities with beaches, the life style and population habits are completely different. Although cold temperatures in Adelaide and Tasmania during the winter can prevent some outdoors activities (and Sydney which is also really cold in winter.) but in places such as Queensland, Perth and Sydney, the majority of the population have more of a relaxed life style and are not so money orientated. The only exception to this is Sydney, which incorporates both lifestyles.  Everyday Australians used to work from 9am to 5 pm, but this much more flexible now with the exception of government jobs. The great majority of the population wake up early, and many businesses start at around 7 am finishing at 5 pm. If it’s not a weekend or public holiday, most people go to sleep early; around 10 pm. Streets after 9 pm during the week are practically deserted.  Old Australian habits are...
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