Australian Identity Speech

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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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G’day Today I will be talking to you about what I think Australian identity is. Australia is such a diverse country. Our climate, multiculturalism, native plants and animals, and just the largeness of our land has helped develop a unique Australian style and culture. But are we all sport loving laid back hard working beer guzzling Australians? Is Australia really the lucky country? Australians have huge involvement in sport. Most Australians are usually outdoors playing anything from backyard cricket to footy. Christmas day is never complete without a good old fashion backyard cricket game. Cricket, golf and rugby in Australia originated in the 1800s. One of the reasons why being outdoors and playing sport is so popular is the Australian climate. Being mostly hot all the time makes it easier to play sport regularly. Swimming also has a big effect on Australia having 7000 beaches means that just about everybody has to learn how to swim. Another word that describes the Aussie spirit is mateship. Mateship is the word used for two friends that serve, play, work or are just great friends with each other. A good example of this is a group of Mates that “shark bait” club. There all people that have been either attacked by a shark or someone who saved their friend from being eaten or killed by a shark. Since the attacks happened their bond has become very strong and that’s Most Australians are hardworking. Australian people work quite long hours to get the job done. This has been shown in the gold rush where the gold diggers would be working in the shafts for over 15 hours straight. To sum it all up I think that Australia is a great country and our vast array of slang and sayings help make us the unique Aussies that we are.
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