Australian Identity

Topics: Australia, Vietnam War, Refugee Pages: 2 (502 words) Published: November 5, 2010
Australian identity
“Enter without so much a knocking” reflects Australian identity as it is the life of a working class necular family in Australia. This poem starts with ‘Blink, blink. Hospital .Silence’ and ends with ‘Blink. Blink. Cemetery. Silence.’ This repetition of ‘blink. Blink’ alludes that Life is short, and over before you know it, this has helped me to strengthen my knowledge of Australian Identity as Australia has been involved in 3 wars and not to take life for granted as you never know how short life can be. The trail-off sentences have conveyed 3 meanings: they show doubt, rhetorical questions, and lead into the next stage of his life, this is like Australian lifestyle filled with all the hidden remarks that we are always searching for whether we do this consciously or not. 3 of the stanzas in youth and middle age begin with link words: ‘ However, Anyway and Now,’ They represent the fast pace of the poem and life, the Australian lifestyle is very fast passed and you need to be moving just as fast to keep up. The last few lines of the poem relate back to his life. "Winding the whole show up" refers to the man's life as if it were a television show, now finished, as well as the ending of the poem. The end of the poem also states what the man has left, the parking tickets, taximeters and Bobby Dazzlers. These are all material items. There is no mention of any loved one, such as his wife; or the rest of his family that are spoken about earlier in the poem, we can relate this to our Australian identity as when things don’t go to well people want to just move on, as his life ended so abruptly they wanted just to move on. “Lost youth” written by Lachlan Irvine was the poem of my choice this poem is about Lachlan Irvine’s own experience of the Vietnam War, by reading this poem my knowledge of Australian identity has grown as Australia involvement in the Vietnam War was not liked by most so as the soldiers came home they didn’t get a warm reception...
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