Australian History Curriculum

Topics: World War II, Australia, Kevin Rudd Pages: 5 (1654 words) Published: March 10, 2013
History is the analysis and interpretation of the past events that enables us to study continuity and change over time. It is an act of both investigation and imagination that seeks to explain how people have changed over time (Harrison, n.d.). Meanwhile, in the Australia’s History Curriculum, it implements a meticulous course of investigations which helps equip and cultivate the student’s understanding through whatever queries and imagination about past events. It also advocates students understanding of the social, event, action and development of a human from their family roots way back in time. With issues of global integration and international mobility rapidly increasing within the past decade, it opens many new opportunities for the Australians. This heightens the need for Australians to become “Asia literate” by appreciating and respecting the social, cultural and religious diversity of these people (ACARA, 2011). This assignment is based on the topic of “Asian Engagement” and how has it impacted the curriculum in terms of social and political influence. In this essay, the social or political influences are examined and critically analyzed in the (Melbourne Declaration 2008) and Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACARA2012). Therefore, through these two important history education documents, it is used to ensure how the social and political influences identified in this paper had influenced the shaping and writing of the curriculum. Main Body

When the National Curriculum Board (later known as ACARA) was established in 2008, it was asked to develop four subjects as the foundation of Australia's first national curriculum: Maths, English, Science and History (Yates, 2011). However, the curriculum draft had some flaws and had received many criticisms and complaints about a lack of emphasis on contemporary history, particularly around the lack of Asian history and Australia's history after World War II, which were accredited in 26,000 submissions. The Australian curriculum authority had to overhaul its national history curriculum as to brace the significance of modern Australian and Asian history taught, especially in Year 10. Australian ideas of the Asia Pacific region are historically deep-rooted. The first attempts to see Australia in the regional context can be traced back to around the time of the First World War when Australia was under the British rule. The content for the curriculum was then redrafted to highlight modern Australian and Asian history after World War II (Patty, 2010). Australia has been a part of the English-speaking world and has developed and maintained relations mainly with the United Kingdom. Yet those ties have diminished within the last two decades. The National Curriculum provides opportunities for students to develop an historical perspective on sustainability by understanding, for example the overuse of natural resources, the rise of environmental movements and the global energy crisis. The process of developing the Australian Curriculum has been designed to generate a broad engagement with, and discussion and feedback about, the shape and content of the Australian Curriculum (ACARA, 2012). With Australia going through globalization and being geographically located near Asia, many Asians are now migrating or coming into Australia for permanent residences or studies has now become an issue of Australians not being very Asia literate. Hence, the need for Australians to be Asia literate is an important matter for them to understand the Asian culture. Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd supported a new approach to our relationship to Asia, particularly through developing Asian languages in schools. The fact that the Asian languages are currently declining in schools, and no state curriculum in Australia explicitly requires the study of Asia has left Australians in a dire shape for the emerging Asian century (Kirby, 2008).Furthermore, in the national...
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