Australian Government's Opposition to Internet Filters

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  • Published : May 15, 2011
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* The internet is the fastest growing and largest tool for mass communication and information distribution in the world. It can be used to distribute large amounts of information anywhere in the world at any time. The Australian government revealed a plan to put in place a compulsory filter on the internet to prevent access to inappropriate material. In 2011, the people of Australia and its politicians alike have expressed major concerns over this introduction of a censorship, as the vast amount of ethical and practical problems associated with this scheme are triggering the debate. Good morning, my name is Amanda and I strongly oppose the introduction of internet censorship in Australia for multiple reasons. 

* Firstly and most importantly, the concept of censorship opposes our basic rights as people living in a democratic society to choose what we want to be exposed to. This filter will give the government the right to choose what is or what is not appropriate for us to view based on the decisions of a couple of politicians and their own individual beliefs. How can we be completely sure that the filter will not be taken advantage of to give support to the politicians own interests or that they will not add content to the filter that they personally disagree with? It does not give them the right to decided what is appropriate for mature adults, and it is not their business what other people access on the internet. What the politicians should be concerned about in relation to what people look at on the internet is illegal material such as child pornography, which is obviously the main priority of the filter. However, that is an issue that leads itself to my next argument.

* Putting in place a filter for something such as child pornography will be unsuccessful. The government is making an attempt to block individual websites that contain illegal material, but the reality is that the internet is such a gigantic place filled with plenty of information...
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