Australia: The Destination for Overseas Students

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  • Published : October 3, 2011
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Explain why overseas study at Australian universities is popular

In recent years, Australian Universities has becoming more popular for overseas students to study. Overseas study can be defined as the international student who go away from their home country and have their tertiary education in Australia at undergraduate or postgraduate level. The three main reasons a decision is made by these student to study in Australian universities is mainly due to the reputation for excellence and high standard of education, English language teaching and proximity of the home country to Australia.

The factor that contributes the most in the situation that overseas study at Australian universities is the reputation for excellence and high standard of education. The universities in Australia have always been well known for high standard of education and made important breakthrough in modern science and technology. Over the ten years, Australian universities has always been entered the top two hundred universities in the whole world. With the reputation for excellence and high standard of education, more international students come to study in Australia for the sake of promising future. By doing so, these students are more likely to have a better job opportunity and employment either in Australia or their home country as foreign students are being taught by qualified, professional lecturers, which are generally trustworthy.

Besides the most obvious reason for this phenomenon is the language which is used to teaching. Australia is an English speaking country, there is no doubt that Australian universities will use English to teach all subjects neither the undergraduate or postgraduate level. As English is an international language, it is believed that overseas study will help improving English skills. Besides, English is always the basic requirement for applying a job. With an excellence English skill, it can lead you to an optimistic situation for applying a job...