Australia, The Continent Down Under

Topics: Australia, Indigenous Australians, Great Barrier Reef Pages: 8 (2602 words) Published: February 23, 2011

Australia, the continent down under, filled with kangaroos, koala bears, and many more unique creatures. I always wanted to go to Australia, but never knew much about it, like the history behind it, and what there really is to do. So I decided to research it and talk to people that are familiar with it.

I started my search off by looking in an encyclopedia called Encyclopedia International and looked up Australia. The encyclopedia was written back in 1970 but things have changed since that time. The general information about Australia did not change though, such as the temperatures, the types of animals and birds that live there, and geographic facts. This article did not give me enough information so I kept on looking.

I then got online and went to the search engine Dogpile and looked up "Australia." I got tons of matches for my search, but found an interesting site. ( This was the official site for Australia, so that is why it is so reliable. It was loaded with information about almost everything in Australia that I wanted to learn more about. It discussed the places to see, things to do, exotic experiences, food and wine, and the nightlife in Australia. The site still left some details out that I was still looking for such as what kinds of shopping is there to do, what the Australians are like, etc.

After learning more about Australia, I called Liberty Travel in Harrisburg and spoke to a very nice lady named Helen Andrews. Helen explained that she was once there many years ago, but has sent numerous people there recently. So Helen could give me a lot of great information I was looking for. She gave me a website to look up. She said it is wonderful and has very good information. Thanks to her, I found out what airline to take to Australia and what the best way to get around the continent is. Helen was a huge help!

I got back online to check out the website ( that Helen gave to me. It was loaded with all types of tours of Australia. It had all the prices, what you would be doing, how long the trip would be and so on. Each tour was very different and exciting. It also had the full itinerary of each tour as well, which was very helpful!

I still remained online to discover another interesting and informative website. I searched on the AltaVista search engine next and looked up "Australia." I got completely new results compared to my first search. I did find a website ( that had information, I had already found. It did tell me a little about the shopping in Australia, which I have to know about! Students at the Charles Sturt University in Australia created this site, so they would know what they are talking about since this is where the students live. So I am sure the ladies of the University were familiar with the shopping, what girl is not?

I performed another search using the Yahoo search engine and looking up the same search word, "Australia." I came across some previous websites I received with my prior searches, but I found one ( that told me more about Australia. This site informed me about the people of Australia, what their likes and dislikes of tourists and people from the United States and other countries are.

Last, but certainly not least, I looked up Australia on a CD-ROM, Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia Standard, 2004 version. This CD-ROM was also loaded with all kinds of different information about Australia. It furthered my knowledge on the animals and plants of this continent, what the currency was, and a little more about the cities of Australia. A CD-ROM is a very reliable source since, number one, it is an encyclopedia and, second, it is so well known for its accuracy and knowledge of all its topics.

All of the encyclopedias, Internet websites and CD-ROM provided me with very important information helping me to learn more about my topic. Some things that the sites or articles explained...
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