Australia Pest

Topics: International trade, Economy, Kevin Rudd Pages: 2 (781 words) Published: March 11, 2012
Australia pest
1.Political and legal system Analysis
Australia is democracy like many countries around the world. There is no violent political problem in Australia that can affect to the global or local business. Politic in Australia in the past few years still not quite stable because of the falling popularity of Labor leader, Mr. Kevin Rudd as Prime Minister and turn into the hands of Ms. Julia Gillard but the confidence in the eyes of global and also in Australia still be strong to having any investment or trading business because people can accept an election and no any problem occurred following an election too. The export policy still being stable and they will not change it frequently because the government can manage the country well and people satisfy with it. The foreign company or the company that export product to Australia can trust in their stable politic and they will not afraid of any violence political problem to be their investment or exporting problem in Australia. Australia still also stays in free trade area agreement with ASEAN, Chile, Singapore, the United States and New Zealand, including Thailand too. 2.Economic Analysis

The economy of Australia is a developed, modern market economy with a GDP of approximately growth 2.7% and GDP per capita $40,836 in 2010. Economic in Australia also is very interest to export product because there have high GDP and it is not fluctuate, it is quite stable. Their economic is growing everyday and also their import and export management is very good. They can manage the balance of payment that can lead to the less unemployment and increasing in income of people. This is an opportunity to export to Australia. Their people are also quite wealthy, that means their people have ability to buy any products. This can attract a lot of investment so many premium product from other countries spend a lot of investment in Australia but Australia still have many strong local brand so some company do not...
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