Australia's Special Features

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three sisters
The Three Sisters is one of the most famous landmarks in Australia. The name Three Sisters is based on the Aboriginal story about the three sisters ,named Meehni, Wimblah, Gunnedoo. This story has been passed on generation after generation. Description of feature…

The three Sisters are located over the Jamison valley which is located in Katoomba, the Blue Mountain. The three Sisters vary slightly in height. One is 922m tall, 918m tall and the last one is 906m tall. There is a legend from the Aboriginal times, that say that the Three Sisters were human, that were later turned into rock by their father who was initially trying to save them from a big centipede. There are many other myths saying that the Three Sisters were in love with three boys from another tribe but couldn’t get married because of the Katoomba tribe law. To protect the girls the witch doctor of the tribe turned them into stone ,Or they are made up of sandstone like walls of the surrounding Jamison valley. what’s the USE?

The use of the Three Sisters, it’s a great attraction that brings people from all over the world to the Blue Mountains. It has significants to Australia by being around since the 19th century. Which gives Australia a unique and great land mark which is just another reason why Australia is special?

aboriginal /enviromental segnificence…..
The Importance of this landmark to the Aborigine’s is that it’s apart of their past /dreamtime. To the Aboriginals the significance of this landmark is that it’s been around for all there generations and generations to come for all the legends that follow this landmark is significant all together. The environmental significance of this landmark is it’s a famous landmark that attracts tourists. On another note that’s why the aboriginals are getting angry because the tourists are wrecking the landmark by tourist activities E.g. abseiling, camping areas daily tourist activities wreck the...
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