Australia's Post-War Role Within the Un

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  • Published : September 1, 2012
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Australia’s post-war role within the United Nations (UN) is actively committed to maintaining world peace and security. With perseverance of this role, Australia has contributed to substantial developments within the UN. These developments can be distinguished through Dr Herbert Vere Evatt’s contribution, fulfilling UN Peacekeeping roles, signing UN conventions and participating in specialist UN bodies. The outcome of these initiatives benefits Australia by growing its reputation as a Global citizen which tries to achieve justice for current concerns of the world. Australia’s first contribution to its role in the UN came from Australian political figure Dr H.V. Evatt. In retrospect, Evatt was unquestionably a profound high ranking official in the UN, where he contributed substantially through s serving as the first President of the General Assembly in 1948 to 1949 as one example. Essentially, this was a key milestone in enforcing Australia’s responsibility to take on its post-war role in being actively committed to maintaining world peace and security. Therefore it is noteworthy that Dr Evatt can be viewed as Australia’s “benefactor” in initiating its post-war role in the UN today. Australia’s provision of aid to countries facing civil unrest through fulfilling UN Peacekeeping roles is one of its post-war roles within the UN. This was the case for East Timor; a nation in limbo after the Portuguese relinquished all its colonies after 400 years of rule, and the conflict between Indonesians and pro-independence supporters that followed. Subsequently, Australia implemented INTERFET which deployed more than 5000 of its defence force personnel for humanitarian aid in East Timor. This ensured East Timor a successful transition into a sovereign state lead by Xanana Gusmao in the 1999 Referendum. Thus, Australia’s ties with Indonesia may have been weakened, however more importantly sought to deliver freedom to the East Timorese people through Australia’s fulfilment of UN...
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