Australia's Involvement in the Vietnam War - Short Essay

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  • Published : October 13, 2012
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In 1966 Australia voted in the liberal party government and this was seen as Australians supporting the governments involvement in the war . The Australian(liberal government) and united states government agreed that the best way to stop the fears communism ,spreading from Asia ,was to have the Vietnam war. The Indonesian government also supported the war as they were strong communists .The conscientious objectors of the war were the protestors of the moratorium movement because they protested against the violence of the Vietnam war . The labour government was elected in December 1972 by the Australian public to stop the conflict and issue of conscription in the Vietnam war .This means the labour government were objectors of the Vietnam war . A lot of Australians saw the horrors of the Vietnam war on their televisions .This caused many protests against the Vietnam war and by 1970 there was huge rallies ,marches, church services and many other forms of protest . These rallies were called the Vietnam war moratorium rallies of 1970 and are recognised as the moratorium movement .The Vietnam war moratorium rallies of 1970 was a way for the Australian public to express their dislike of the war and their support to end the Vietnam war. The requests of the moratorium movement were for the Australian and allied troops to withdraw from the Vietnam war and the end of conscription . Australia was impacted by the war because the media such as newspapers all over the world ,had cartoons about the opposes and supporters of communism, arguing and showing the violence which then led to the Vietnam war . This impacted the Australian public by showing them the violence between the communist and communist free countries. The newspapers also informed readers of agreements such as the Seato Treaty of 1954 between the U.S, Britain, France and Australia , which provided protection for these communist...
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