Australia's Foreign Relations to 1945

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  • Published : November 22, 2012
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Australia’s presence and participation in global affairs have been commendable over decades now. Australia officially referred to as commonwealth of Australia is in the southern hemisphere. Australia comprises of the mainland of Australian continent, Tasmania Island and other smaller islands in the pacific and Indian oceans. Like other countries, Australia has undergone numerous milestones over the past centuries which have influenced its present developments. Australian foreign relations with other countries including the US, UK and other Asian countries are of great importance are. Having interacted with these countries at different times of history, Australia has been able to share common policies and interests with these nations. Firstly, the UK which colonized Australia since the 18th century had great influence on its current foreign policy. The trade relations between Australia and America as well as the joint participation in WW II influenced its foreign policy and relations. These interactions are also evident with other Asian countries like New Zealand, Japan and China which have shared common experiences in war as well as trade. This essay will discuss the importance of Britain, Asia, and the US in shaping Australian foreign policy since the 1788 settlement to WW II (1945). Australia has a rich and appealing foreign policy which makes it a trusted ally to many nations across the globe. The foreign policy of Australia includes various separated but inter-related policies in the fields of trade, security, defence, foreign aid and international commitments. Being a signatory to different treaties in the UN, Australia has been steadfast in attending to issues of global interest. In regards to trade and foreign aid, Australia is always in the forefront in fostering the spirit of globalisation. It is however notable that the foreign policies and relations of Australia are fast in upholding and promoting the interests of Australia. As far as...
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