Australia’s Changing Responses in the Involvement of the Vietnam War

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  • Published : May 5, 2012
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By Madeline Carr Year 10 History Mr Kinloch
By Madeline Carr Year 10 History Mr Kinloch
Australia’s Changing Responses in the Involvement of The Vietnam War Australians changed their responses to our involvement in the Vietnam War for many of reasons. Australians were initially in favour of the war, but these feelings soon changed. The Media Influenced these changes in attitudes as it was the first war that had ever been televised. This means, Australian families were able to view every night on television what was really going on in Vietnam. This effected the Conscription Debate, which never seemed to end. It eventually discouraged the amount of support for conscription. To explore these changes in attitudes, I will be using a letter published in the Sydney Morning Herald and an interview with an original founder of SOS (Save Our Sons), Jean Mclean. These influences were raised in moratorium marches which in the end made the Australian government pull out our troops from Vietnam. Many of the population in Australia were originally in favour of the war, as many of the general public, being of the older generations, tended to accept that “the government is always right”. Many still believed in the governments claims that communism was spreading and that Australia was acting honourably in responding to the request from South Vietnam to help combat the Viet Cong. However, the 1960’s was a time of political change and people in positions of authority were being questioned. Younger age groups started to warm to this idea of questioning those in power. With more information becoming available about the war, such as through television, young people began to push to make their own decisions, determine their own beliefs and not just follow their parents. Now imagine- you have never been to war, heard a war, nor seen a war. With the booming of technology that the 1960’s foreseen, it brought the invention of the television. Nine in ten Australian families...
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