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Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Personality psychology, Psychology Pages: 2 (366 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Physical maturity- the state at which the physical body and all its organs are fully developed Emotional maturity- the state at which the mental and emotional capabilities of an individual are fully developed Emotional intimacy- the ability to experience a caring, loving relationship with another person with whom you can share your innermost feelings. Physical and Emotional Maturity

In the late adolescence or the early twenties, most people reach physical maturity. However, an adult physique doesn’t mean you’re an adult. To be an adult you need to develop emotionally. An emotionally healthy person not only has a strong personal identity but also has developed close relationships. Considering the Entire Life Cycle

Human growth and development have intrigued many people over the years. Each stage of adulthood is characterized by its own accomplishments as shown below. 19-4040-6565-death

Young Adulthood
Although physical growth occurs automatically, emotional maturity develops as each individual focuses on four major aspects of life: personal independence, occupational choices, intimate relationships, and contributions to society. Developing Personal Independence

The desire for independence during adolescence is a part of the quest for self-actualization, which includes developing ones capabilities to the fullest. As they mature they become for self-sufficient Making Occupational Choices

As a teen you probably are giving some thought to what you want your life to be like when you are an adult. Part of that thought process may include your ideas about a career or occupation. Kid’s ideas may be influenced by a part time job, role model, parent, or the amount of education they have received. Establishing Intimate Relationships

As we grow we begin to develop emotional intimacy with others. During this time, some people may have several successive romantic relationships. This may result in marriage when individuals are ready for a permanent...
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