Austere vs. Daystar

Topics: Bathtub, Bathing, Love Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: October 25, 2011
Austere Vs. Daystar

Mothers are portrayed as kind, giving, and the ones making sacrifices for their children. In the poem Austere by Roland Flint the mother helps to portray what a mother should be. One example in first line of the poem, “How she left kettles of water; On the kitchen stove for baths”, this shows her love and kindness by heating up each kettle of water for the bathtub. Back in 1950’s when he was a boy they didn’t have showers with running hot water like in our modern day and age. She would take her time filling and heating up each kettle, which was then used to fill up the tub to the right temperature. There are other ways that she cared for her children which was through sacrifice. In lines 9-12, “ How all of us take turns; The young mother renewing; Clean heat for each till it runs; Out, as she’s finishing hers”, this section shows that not until each child is done and the water is no longer as warm, the mother will wait to be last to bathe. She sacrifices the comfort of a warm bath for her self and cleanliness of water for her children. This motherly act of love and kindness in her fulfillment of the goal to bathe her children shows the true love that most mothers have, although there may be those who may not.

In the poem “Daystar” by Rita Dove, the mother portrays the exact opposite of what a mother should be. There is a part in lines 4-11 that provides a good example, “So she lugged a chair behind the garage; to sit out the children’s naps; Sometimes there were things to watch- the pinched armor of a vanished cricket, a floating maple leaf. Other days she stared until she was assured when she closed her eyes; she’d see only her own vivid blood”. The mother is looking for a place to be alone, to just get away to think about just her self. By her going behind the garage, it shows her way of trying to hide that way she can be away from her kids. A mother has no right to leave her children in a house unattended even if they were napping. For...
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