Auschwitz Essay

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  • Published : November 27, 2012
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What really did happen to all of the Jewish people and many others that were sent to Auschwitz? Almost all of the prisoners transported to the death camp were murdered or starved to death. Millions of people were tortured and killed at death camps just because of their religion.

Established on April 27, 1940, in the middle of Poland, Auschwitz became the largest killing center during the Holocaust. Auschwitz was the largest death camp with three main camps and 45 sub-camps. Auschwitz I was where the laborers worked, Auschwitz II was the main killing center, and Auschwitz III was the housing for the prisoners. The 45 sub-camps were also for housing and labor work. In September 1941, the first gas chamber was conducted at Auschwitz. There were 850 malnourished and ill prisoners killed. Prisoners were put in shower like rooms where Nazi “Doctors” dropped Zyklon-B through little holes. Once the pellets came in contact with the air, it released a deadly gas that killed the prisoners in 20 minutes. Death by gassing became a daily routine.

Captured Jews were transported to Auschwitz by train. They were unloaded and forced into two lines. Prisoners in the left line were sent to the gas chambers and killed immediately. The others in the right line were sent to work at labor camps. Most children, elderly, and handicap were also killed upon arrival.

Out of all of the many Nazi “Doctors”, Josef Mengele was considered the worst. He mainly concentrated his studies on identical twins. Josef would drop chemicals into their eyes to change the color. He once sewed to twins together to make Siamese twins. He did all this without the use of anesthesia. The few survivors of is studies were executed. In January 1945, just 4 months away from the end of the war, the liberation of Auschwitz occurred. 7 tons of hair was collected and many other items. Mengele’s associates were sentenced to death or life in prison; he was not among them. 2.5 million people were...
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