Aurora Borealis

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  • Published : April 18, 2013
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Aurora Borealis

In 1921 Pierre Gassendi was the person who named the colored light in the sky Aurora Borealis. Aurora comes from the goddess of dawn and borealis comes from the god of the north wind, which in Latin mean Boreas. Another name for them is the Northern Light. Alaska is one of few to have the privilege to see them.

In the black and white picture by William R. Norton, in the Yukon Territory shows the northern lights. In this picture it show a lot of trees, snow and a single cabin, no river, no tools, but it does look like a light was on looking at the window. The northern lights is a wide spread of a white compared to the sky which is black. The trees sway as the wind as it blows by. This picture is a picture that helps explain how the upper north is where it is clearer. In a rural area in a calm setting a beautiful thing happen. It is something not just every Alaskan wants to see but everyone wants to see. The beauty that science can bring to this earth is amazing.

As people stand or sit in awe of the view, they take in every moment that they have. This picture is picture that can and will forever remind us that our world / earth is a beautiful, a place worth living in.

Have experienced the northern light many times before, I honestly can say it never get old. Each and ever time it is a new experience for me. Seeing the color and the way they move is amazing. I remember one time I was at my cabin and we saw them dancing outside. So my family went out to enjoy them my grand pa “ said watch as they move even more as I whistle. As he whistled they moved more when he stopped they slowed down. TO me it was amazing.

TO me this seeing the northern lights was amazing. I have always wondered how it happen so I found out.

As many people wonder how northern lights appear. Studies conclude that the northern lights happen when highly charged electron from solar wind interact with the earth’s atmosphere. The solar wind comes from the sun...
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