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Acknowledgement of Understanding
I have read and agree to comply with the terms and conditions of this policy regarding the uses of School of Business and Technology computing resources. I understand that compliance with this policy is mandatory, and that violation of this policy may result in disciplinary action including possible termination or expulsion, and civil and criminal penalties.

Signature Date

Printed name

Witnessed by:

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This form is to be kept on file in the School of Business and Technology offices.

Acceptable Use
School of Business and Technology provides computing resources and worldwide network access to members of the School of Business and Technology community for legitimate academic and administrative pursuits to communicate, access knowledge, and retrieve and disseminate information. All members of the School of Business and Technology community (faculty, staff, students, and authorized guests) sharing these resources also share the rights, responsibilities, and restrictions for their use.

All authorized users have the following:

All authorized users are provided with School of Business and Technology network access including Internet access. •User access is granted for specific purposes based on the user’s particular needs or classification. Responsibilities

Each authorized user shall:
Be responsible for the security and integrity of information stored on his or her personal desktop system and/or network account. This includes: •Making regular backups of information and files

Properly logging out of sessions
Monitor access to their accounts, if a user suspects that their passwords have been compromised or that there has been unauthorized activity on their accounts, they are to report it and change passwords immediately. •Show a valid University ID to obtain access to computer labs •Choose appropriate password(s), and guard the security of that password. •Abide by the password protection practices and change their passwords on a regular basis, or as required by standards. •Take full responsibility, when sharing passwords and user account information, for the uses of any user to whom they provided their password •Respect and honor the rights of other individuals, with regard to intellectual property, freedom from harassment, academic freedom, copyright infringement and use of electronic resources. •Respect copyrights and licenses.

Promptly report network problems to either the local network administrator, and cooperate with support staff in correcting malfunctions. •Access and use data in accordance with the university's policy and applicable state and federal laws •Make sure their computer's operating system is kept up-to-date with current security patches. This may be accomplished by the owner, local support staff, or central staff.  

Anyone who accesses, uses, destroys, alters, or damages University information resources, properties or facilities without authorization, may be guilty of violating state or federal law, infringing upon the privacy of others, injuring or misappropriating the work produced and records maintained by others, and/or threatening the integrity of information kept within these systems. Such conduct is at the least unethical and unacceptable and possibly illegal. Users may not do the following:

Secure unauthorized access to or use of School of Business and Technology resources whether on or off campus or facilitate such access. •Tamper with, modify or alter restrictions, or protections placed on their network account. •Use School of Business and Technology Internet access or network in a malicious manner. •Introduce, create, or...
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