Aung San Suu Kyi

Topics: World Wide Web, Technology, Mobile phone Pages: 2 (334 words) Published: March 6, 2013
The Good Factors of Technology:
1.Information about events
2.Updates about the current events in the world
3.Surfing the world wide web
4.Social Networking for new friends
5.Communication from anywhere in the world
6.Homework and projects
8.Advantageous Knowledge
9.Speed : time is no longer a constraint in communication
10.Clarity : With megapixel images and video, and high fidelity audio systems clarity in communication has become a never-before experience

11.Proximity : technological advancements have made the world a smaller place to live in

12.Dissemination : whether spreading information, broadcasting. 13.Convenience: Provides a great deal of convenience in expediting personal and business transactions be it shopping, banking, or simply paying bills. The Risks of Using Technology

1.Creates Stress - With cell phones and gadgets following us everywhere we go there is little time to oneself, many people carry their work with them everywhere they go making it so they have no breaks. 2.Takes Away Jobs - Computers are taking away jobs that humans once performed. Look at all the computerized phone operators for example. Or computerized assembly machines. 3. Continued Desire for Advancement - When one thing is created there is a desire to keep updating it and to make something better. This makes technology become outdated very quickly and creates a never ending need for "advancement".

4.Perpetuates Laziness - Now that people can do most of their work/jobs at a computer they have less need to get up and walk around. Many families are stuck in front of televisions. Many children are stuck in front of game systems. We are becoming lazier and lazier the more we can entertain ourselves while sitting in front of some form of technology. 5. Perpetuates Economic Gap - Technology is expensive. Those who have technology and newer technology are at the advantage, they can get better jobs (because of experience with tech....
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