Augustus Research Paper

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Ty Gellinger

Achievements Augustus

The power of Rome for many centuries was held by the senate, which is a group of men of the wealthiest families in Rome. They made all the political and military decisions for Rome. Under the Senate the romans conquered many lands such as the entire Italian peninsula, southern france, Spain, and northern Africa. After the conquering of many of these lands the armies became independent and created civil wars in the land. Much of the Roman empire was corrupt and falling apart. Three generals Crassus, Pompey, and Julius Caesar formed an alliance, they kept the senate but left it with little power and say. The senate was worried about Julius Caesar he was power hungry and very ambitious.

Julius Caesar sacks Rome and takes power over the empire and silences all of the corruption and begins to expand the borders. He makes the government how he wants it and takes power away from the senate by adding more people to it that support him. He appoints officials and army officers directly overseeing the provinces. Through Julius Caesars quick and powerful rise to power the senators were threatened and assassinated Caesar in the senate building. This brought civil war and the once again divided empire into a power struggle, between Mark Anthony, the Senate army and Julius Caesar’s nephew and heir Octavian. Anthony and Octavian teamed up and defeated the Senate army and bring back order to the empire. Then they eventually turned on each other until Octavian comes out on top and is the supreme ruler of Rome. Octavian who was called Augustus meaning Magnificent, transforms the empire from being a military might to a stable political system won over by senate backing and support.

The Achievements of Augustus were so grand he is known for making the Roman empire to what we know of today. Through conquering much of Europe and the Mediterranean the legal system was brought with and enforced it upon the conquered people....
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