Augustus Caesar vs. Julius Caesar

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  • Published : March 9, 2013
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Augustus’ sustainable yet inclusive reign of power, combined with his ability to please and play to the Roman masses, permitted his reign as ruler to be far more secure than Julius Caesar’s. Both leaders began their reign over Rome in a similar manner. While Julius took over Gaul at his initiation as a leader, Augustus took over Egypt in his corresponding commencement. They then continued to wage war against their respective partners in power; Julius against Pompey, and Augustus against Marc Antony. However, Augustus then began to differentiate himself from his predecessor’s rule. Augustus constantly demonstrated inclusiveness during his rule in order to provide himself with security. Julius was infamous for alienating the Senate in order to proclaim independent power over them. In light of Rome’s strong republican history, this was a grave mistake Julius committed; Augustus was able to learn from it, and he formally returned the power of the republic to the Senate and the Roman people. He implemented genuine inclusiveness, which permitted the neutralization of political threats. By granting power to the Senate, Augustus granted senators the constant semblance of power and importance, while Julius chose to rule over their heads. This ultimately led to Caesar’s downfall, as he was murdered by conspirators who believed he was becoming far too powerful. Augustus ensured he would not face a similar demise, and granted himself security and sustainability, by portraying himself as a man ruling alongside the Senate, rather than a sole, dictator-like figure. Augustus facilitated a strong reputation throughout the empire, providing his rule with sustainability. Julius was loved by many citizens across Rome due to his military campaigns and public endeavours, yet Augustus was said to have achieved a similar reputation through different methods. Through conveying his legitimacy in a visual manner the masses would comprehend, Augustus constantly demonstrated the...
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