Augustus Caesar and Roman Religion

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  • Published : November 18, 2012
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Figure one
Gaius Octavius, also known as Gaius Julius Caesar and later known as Augustus was the first Roman emperor to restore peace in Rome. With skill and knowledge he took Rome under his wing, transforming a disgruntled nation into the prosperous empire. The most important strategy Augustus used was the restoration of Traditional Roman Religio. Early Roman Religion appeared as many Roman farmers struggled to survive, nature was their only dependent, which was beyond their power. Thus, began the belief of spirits that control the environment. For Romans this was called “Numina” or “Numen” which translates to spiritual power in English. Romans were to respect and pray to the Numen hoping for lively crops, fertility or a healthy well-being for them and their families. This was a contract to the Gods; Romans were able to create an arrangement or exchange between them and the gods. State religion grew when Rome’s second king, Numa Pompilus sat the throne. Priesthoods were set up to take care of worship and other areas within the religion. Unfortunately, civil unrest struck Rome and for over one hundred years Rome was in constant battle. This led to the destruction and deterioration of religion. Gods, sacrifice, festivals and other religious activities were forgotten and abandoned leaving the empire deprived. After the assassination of Julius Caesar, his adopted nephew, Caesar Augustus, took over the empire. He had fought and defeated against Marc Antony in the battle of Actvium, over the betrayal of Rome. He had finally ended the long term civil warfare in Rome that had lasted over one hundred years. Romans believed that these actions were caused from the Gods. Actions they caused because the Romans had broken from Pax Deorum. Augustus Caesar was not particularly religious however; he did establish that religion was an important part of keeping Rome at peace. He did so successfully and in the Romans eyes, became divine....
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