Auguste Comte

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  • Published : April 12, 2011
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The purpose of any science is the forecasting.
A science is not completely known as long as one does not know its history.

Auguste comte (19 January 1798 – 5 September 1857), was a French philosopher, a founder of the discipline of sociology and of the doctrine of positivism. He may be regarded as the first philosopher of science in the modern sense of the term. Auguste Comte was the first to develop the concept of "sociology." He defined sociology as a positive science. His major goal was to integrate theory and practice. Comte believed, people would be able to build for themselves a better future.  CONTRIBUTIONS:

The “father of sociology;” French philosopher who asserted that the fate of mankind depends in many respects upon the development of a science of human social relationships, that establish scientific disciplines have progressed only to the degree that they have been grounded in facts and experience, and that therefore the needed new science of human social relationships (a science which Comte suggested naming sociology) should adopt the study and experimental techniques of the physical sciences (Hoult 1974:76) He divided his new discipline into two parts: HOW SOCIETY IS HELD TOGETHER and HOW SOCIETY CHANGES. The new social science that Comte sought to establish was first called social physics but he later found the term stolen by another intellectual so he coined the word sociology, a hybrid term compounded of Latin and Greek parts (Coser 1971:3).Comte first used the term sociology in print in 1838 (Perdue 1986:37). Comte's aim was to create a naturalistic science of society, which would both explain the past development of mankind and predict its future course He played an important role in the early formation of biology as a science. He was the founder of cult, the religion of humanity. He played an important role with Emile litter in the production of dictionaries. Comte saw this new science, sociology, as the last and...
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