August Rush Character Analysis

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  • Published: October 27, 2010
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I’ve always felt that my parents do exist in this world, although I lived in an orphanage with many kids for almost twelve years. They tried so hard to convince me that my parents are dead and they just left me forever. But I didn’t believe them and I was feeling their existence through the nature sounds “Music”. It is not easy to believe in something that you didn’t see physically although I felt by my heart them every single morning and night. It’s just the same when you believe that god exist in this world. Music was and always will be in my blood. I inherited it from my parents who were such great musicians. My mother “Lyla” is a renowned and beautiful cellist .She plays in several countries and she always plays music from her heart. People feel her emotions when she plays by the beautiful sound of her tune. For instance, she can change people emotions by the way she plays . My father is a bass player. He used to play in clubs; he traveled with his band all around the US and most of their time they used to stay in motels and hotels. He enjoyed playing music very much, when he play in a club he forgets his entire problems music cleared his mind from all the bad things in this cruel world, in other words “it’s his getaway”. He got a beautiful voice that most people like very much when he sings. Music what brought my parents together. They met in a romantic night, the moon was full and the weather was great. As soon as they met, they felt something toward each other.They talked and sang most of the night, and they made love that night. It was their most romantic night in their lives. Due to my strict grandfather, my mother couldn’t meet my father and apparently they thought would never meet again. Later on my mother discovered that she is pregnant and My grandfather disapproved me and thought that I was an obstacle for my mother currier, so they got in a fight in a restaurant and then my mother was angry and left in a hurry, so she had an accident, and she was taken to the hospital, before she passed out she heard the doctors say the baby might not survive, afterwards the I survived and her father gave me away for adoption and told her that didn’t survive. My grandfather was the cause of my trouble in life . My story begins here. My name is Evan Taylor but they called me August Rush. I was born in New York in Dec. 17, 1995. I grow up in The Walden County Home for Boys in Bethel, New York. At that place, all kids were without parents. I stayed there for almost 12 years of my life. That place was like a prison for me which was blocking me from finding my parents. We were living in a place where there was nothing. Missing everything and even without laws and orders .Everything was messed up there , but what I liked there was the farms . I like to listen to the sound of nature and I believe that it talks to me. I heard music in everything and everywhere in the fields and wind. I can hear my parents through the music and feel them in my heart. I used to sit alone out in the nature and listen to the voices and make them as music in my head. The place where I lived in tried to give me away for adoption to a family. I didn’t not wanted to be adopted. I wanted to see my real parents who I feel every day. I have faith and belief that my parents are still alive and they had never left me by myself unless there was something wrong or somebody did something that made them to leave me alone in this life. So I ran away and I ended up in New York City, hoping that I might find my parents. I was following the music in the city. My parents didn’t know that I existed, but they felt that there was something missing in their life. They both gave up on music after they split up. My father became a business man in San Francisco, and my mother had terrible time suffering from the thought that she lost me and was thinking why this happened to her. After a while her friends convinced her to do anything, so she would forget her suffering. She...
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