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Definition: What exactly is augmented reality?2
How does it work?3
Evaluation of the current market4
Future applications4
Augmented reality as a product: The Google glasses4
Risks and challenges4

We are living in a full-connected world where most homes are connected to a high-speed Internet connection, where the Internet follows us on our smartphones, our tablets, our laptop, a world where you can access any information with a simple press on your electronic device. What is the next step in the technological evolution? What new innovation is going to jump into our day-to-day life? Lots of works have been written on the augmented reality. This new technology is supposed to change the way we are interacting with the real world. This paper has for purpose to identify the capabilities of the augmented reality, how this new technology is going to modify the customers’ experience and how it is going to change the way consumers purchase. Identifying this new trend will enable retailers to invest wisely in this innovation. Definition: What exactly is augmented reality?

Augmented Reality is a variation of Virtual Environment (VE). The difference is that VE technology completely replaces your environment with an artificial world. AR only superimposed virtual objects with the real world. It still allows the user to see the real world; it simply adds objects that the user could not perceive with his natural senses.

Fig 1: AR used on television screen
Fig 1: AR used on television screen
Augmented reality is for example used for football games (Fig 1). The TV spectators are enabled to see the pitch line even if it is not actually visible at the time. How does it work?
Augmented reality is a technology that enables the user to see unreal objects added to its perception of the real world. It needs a device (TV, phone, tablet, glasses…) that would display the new reality. This device is at the center of four universes. The real world

It is simply the world as we can see it with our naked senses. It is the foundation of the augmented reality and every object will be added on it as a layer. The data
Augmented reality is about adding something to the real world. The data is the information that will be added. It can be anything from a simple square to a complete vehicle or a window displaying details on the landscape. The application

The application is the software that will recognize the world and add the linked information on it. The augmented reality
It is the final result of the process that the user would eventually experience.

Role of the AR display device
Fig 2
Fig 2
The device is the center of the process (Fig 2). It collects information from the real world (sight, sounds, GPS position…), uses the application to accurately add the data and displays the results for the user. Example

On Fig 3, we can identify the following elements:
AR display device: Apple iPhone.
Real world: Sheets of paper with a black square labelled “Hiro”. Data: colourful cube
Fig 3
Fig 3
Application: Software running in the background that adds the data at the right spot on the sheet of paper. Augmented reality: Sheets a paper with a colourful cube at the center of a black square Evaluation of the current market

What’s the next trend in apps and marketing? According to a report from Juniper Research (News - Alert), it just might be augmented reality (AR). With more brands and retailers looking into AR, it will generate an estimated $300 million in global revenue in 2013. While the biggest revenue will still come from the traditional pay-per-download payment model, AR is poised for growth. Many retailers are looking at it as a new way of improving their customer engagement, while providing more information about their products as well as virtual games and activities with their brand name. Of course the most important thing for AR to become a key marketing...
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