Augmented Reality

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The main target of this report is to broad the concept of Augmented Reality. In addition, this report also includes the analysis of various economic and environmental issues produced by Augmented Reality. The report is divided into 6 different sections. Each section has its own purpose. In the beginning, a brief introduction about Augmented Reality (AR) is given, along with its types and working mechanism. Similarly, the background section tells about the history of AR; how AR has evolved from the series of development. In addition, it also discusses about the practical implementation. Of course, there is an analysis section that conveys about the various benefits and issues associated such as economic, social, ethical etc. After then, the report is summarized adding the future scope of AR. This report is very beneficial to those people who wants to do research on AR.

Table of Contents
1.1 What is Augmented Reality?3
1.2 Types of AR:4
1.3 History5
2.1 How AR works?6
2.2 Basic working mechanism of AR:7
3.Analysis and Commentary8
3.1 Practical Implementation8
3.1 Analysis of benefits9
3.2 Analysis of issues:10
4.1The Future of AR12
5.List of Acronyms13
Teamscarlet, 2011. The Benefits of using Augmented Reality in Education.14

1. Introduction
This main goal of this section is to introduce AR and its types. In addition, it also covers the historical development and events regarding AR.
1.1 What is Augmented Reality?
According to Margeriti (2012), “Augmented Reality is the merging of digital material along with the natural environment”. Generally, augment means to add something. In the same way, Augmented Reality (AR) refers to the technology that offers to add something to the reality. For instance, a real time view of users present surroundings. With the help of AR devices, the users can examine the surroundings and can receive the information superimposed on the real world objects as shown in figure below. (Engadget, 2012)|

1.2 Types of AR:
Augmented reality is a technology that superimposes a computer generated information on a user’s view of real world, so that the user can receive a composite view. In practice, different authors has presented many types of AR. Basically, there are three types of Augmented Reality. They are: i. Marker-based AR

AR that uses marker as a base of information is known as marker based AR.In this type, a camera and a visual marker is used to present the information. When the viewer holds up the marker to the camera, AR comes into action.Marker can created using various tool kit such as ARToolKit which is open source.| sprxmobile, 2009|

ii. Marker-less AR
It is more advanced than marker based AR. Here, AR is made possible without using special placed markers. It activates and tracks by recognizing the real environment on any type of support. The data requires to be stored locally.| (TokyoTek, 2011)|

iii. Location-based AR
Here, this technology uses display devices, GPS, compass features and high speed wireless networks to gives more sophisticated augmented information of surroundings. E.g. Web information and added services at the particular geo-location of the user. In addition, Data doesn’t need to store locally. | (Vizworld, 2009)|

1.3 History
After having some concepts about AR let’s know how AR has evolved from series of development. Since 1990, the word “Augmented Reality” came to live. However, it doesn’t mean it was not there before. There was mechanism of showing information through man made gadgets but the word Augmented Reality was not used. In 1901, an author named L.Frank Baum, mentions an idea of displaying electronic data that overlays onto real life. It was named as “character marker”. During 1957-1962, a person named Morton Helig built a machine (a motorcycle simulator) called the...
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