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ITEM NO.1 PAY FIXATION IN CASE OF MERGER OF PREREVISED PAY SCALE. In para 2.2.19 (vii) page 45 of the VI CPC report the Commission has stated that this merger has been done by extending the existing minimum prescribed for the highest pay scale with which the other scales have (are being ) merged. However, the pay in the pay band in respect of the pre-revised Pay Scale of Rs.5000-8000 has been fixed at Rs.9300 (i.e. Rs.5000X1.86) and that of the pre revised Pay Scale Rs.5500-9000 at Rs.10230 (i.e. Rs.5500X1.86). In Rule 7(1) (A) of the Central Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008, it has been laid down that:i) The pay in the pay band / pay scale will be determined by multiplying the existing basic pay as on 1.1.2006 by a factor of 1.86 and rounding off the resultant figure to the next multiple of 10. If the minimum of the revised pay band/pay scale is more then the amount arrived at as per (i) above, the pay shall be fixed at the minimum of the pay band / pay scale.


Since the pre-revised pay scale of Rs.5000-8000, Rs.5500-9000, Rs.6500-6900 and Rs.6500-10500 have been merged with the Pay Scale of Rs.6500-10500 its pay in the pay band should have been revised as Annexure-1. ITEM NO. 2 DENIAL OF MONITARY BENEFIT IN THE MATTER OF FIXATION OF PAY WHILE GRANTING HIGHER REPLACEMENT SCALE. Railway Boards vide their letter No. Pc-VI/2008/1/RSRP/1 dated 25.9.2008 have issued clarification that where all posts in a particular grade have been granted higher replacement pay scale / grade pay, their fixation will be done with reference to their fitment table corresponding to the pre-revised pay scale instead of upgraded pay scale. This provision denied the due benefit of fixation of pay in the upgraded scale. According to the existing practice when a post is upgraded, say from Rs.6500-10500 to Rs.7450-11500/the pay is fixed with reference to the fixation table provided for Rs.7450-11500/-. It is urged...

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