Audit Working Paper Checklist

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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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1. Appointment Letter
2. Management Representation
3. Cash Certificate
4. Final Trial Balance
5. Draft Financial Statements.
6. Bank Reconciliation and Bank Statements at the year end and month following the balance sheet date. 7. Photocopy of Challan for Deposit of Statutory Dues outstanding at the year end. 8. Photocopies Challan for deposit of Labour Dues.

9. Evidence for Exchange rate adopted for translation at the close of the year. 10. Photocopy of Bills evidencing additions to Fixed Assets with ledger prints outs. 11. Quantitative details of Raw material Work in progress and Finished Goods stock and certificate of Physical verification and stock on hand. 12. Ledger print out of inventory quantities at year end. 13. Excise Duty rates of finished goods adopted for valuation of stock. 14. Photocopy of TDS returns with annexure

15. Photocopy of Excise return with annexure
16. Photocopy of Service Tax Return.
17. Photocopy of Advance Tax /FBT Challan/TDS Certificates 18. Confirmation of Loans Outstanding.
19. Confirmations - Debtors Creditors advances.
20. Ledger print of unsecured loans.
21. Ledger print out of ESI/PF recoveries and deposits.
22. Certificate of Actuarial Valuations for retirement and long term benefit provisions. 23. Ledger print of Cenvat credits.
24. Reconciliation of Excise/ Cenvat as per Excise and Financial records. 25. Worksheet for valuation of raw and finished stock. With photocopy of last bills if on FIFO Basis 26. In case of working capital limits copies loan sanction letters 27. Evidence for payment of Bonus out standing.

28. Details of Provisions made at the year end with copies of bills 29. Photocopies of Fixed deposit receipts outstanding.
30. Note on reasons for significant variation in Income and Expense head wise. 31. Details of Foreign currency...
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