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Module/Subject Title: Communications and Personal Development

Assignment Title: Communications Audit Report

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Communications Audit Report

Company audited:

Porterhouse Central
Nassau Street 45 – 47
Dublin 2


Written by:

Ahmed Awayhan 1769801

Khalifa Wando 1715420

Anamaria Mican 1750103

Maja Lykke Jensen 1728475



Executive Summary4
Background Information4
Research Methods4 - 5
Terms of Reference5
Findings5 - 7
General Findings5 - 6
Internal Strengths6
Internal Weaknesses6 - 7
External Strengths7
External Weaknesses7
Conclusion7 - 8
Recommendations8 - 9
Appendices11 - 14
Appendix A11
Appendix B11 - 13
Appendix C14

Executive Summary

This audit was conducted to determine the methods of communication used within the Porterhouse organisation and possibly recommend changes for a more efficient way of communicating both internally and externally. We have determined that Porterhouse is quite capable when it comes to external communication with the exception of social media such as Twitter. However when it comes to the internal communication several things could be improved such as staff meetings, customer service training and the employee handbook. A more detailed report can be found below including our recommendations.

Background Information

In 1989, Liam LaHart and Oliver Hughes opened the first Porterhouse in Temple Bar which consisted of a bar-restaurant. In 1996 they brought in architect Frank Ennis who turned it into a microbrewery which was quite revolutionary at the time consequently making it the first of its kind in Ireland. After the conversion beer became the main focal point of Porterhouse and they now carry a selection of over 150 beers from around the world and brew ten beers themselves, the most famous being the Plain Porter which has won brewing industry awards twice. They’ve also moved their business into exporting beers globally. All their success has lead Porterhouse to open several locations in Ireland, London and New York.

Research Methods

We utilised two different types of methods to conduct our data collection which were surveys and face-to-face interviews. We chose to hand out surveys to the employees as it would not have been practical for the employees nor the company as a whole to set aside time for in-depth interviews with several employees on company time. Surveys on the other hand gave the employees the freedom to complete them on their own time and thereby not interfering with their work. For the general manager and the customers we chose to do face-to-face interviews. We chose this for two different reasons. We needed in-depth information from the manager and determined that a face-to-face interview would provide us with more freedom to adapt our questions by the responses received from the general manager and for the customers we decided that we would get a higher response rate if we asked customers directly and noting down the answers ourselves thereby being less of a convenience for all parties involved. After the data collection...
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