Audit and Case Assignments

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Accounting 493 –Advanced AuditingWinter 2004: Section 1 Dr. Raymond N. Johnson, CPAOffice Hours: T 3:00 – 5:15, Office: 670 SBA after class or by appointment Phone: 725-5354FAX: 725-5850E-mail:

PREREQUISITES: Accounting 492 and Admission to the School of Business Administration

Goals of the Course:
1.To prepare students for the real world audit environment. 2.To be able to evaluate a company's internal controls (particularly in the areas of payroll, purchases, and inventory) 3.To understand how to apply audit sampling for substantive tests 4.To be able to write audit programs for various audit areas 5.To understand audit procedures that should be performed at the end of the audit. 6.To be able to draft an independent auditor’s report.

Modern Auditing, William C. Boynton, Raymond N. Johnson, and Walter G. Kell (2000), 7rd Edition.

Grades. Your grade will be based on the following point system: Cases, Best 4 of 5 at 50 points each200 pts33 %
Best One of 2 Midterms130 pts 22 %
E-mail Assignment15 pts3 %
Class Participation100 pts14 %
Final Exam170 pts28 %
600 pts100 %

The primary determinant of whether a borderline grade will be increased or decreased will be performance on the 125 point final.

Portfolio and Case Assignments: A variety of case assignments are assigned from the text associated with the audit of Mt. Hood Furniture, Inc. The case should be accomplished in two person teams. To obtain the full benefit of the case assignments each student in the team should read and study the underlying information. One person should initially write up working papers and the other team member should review, critically evaluate, and improve the proposed solutions prior to turning in the assignment. The review comments of the second team members review should be turned in along with the revised work of the first team member.

The case assignments should be submitted for evaluation by the professor as scheduled in the schedule of assignments. The professor will review case assignments are return them to student with comments. Each assignment should then be improved, and put in a portfolio along with a cover page summarizing what was learned by team members in the process of improving the assignment.

Homework and Class Participation. An important part of learning involves answering questions that have known answers. Therefore, the answers to learning checks, multiple choice questions, and comprehensive questions at the end of every chapter are available at Smart Copy. To get the full benefit of this resource, you should attempt these questions on your own, and only after you have written answers should you look at solutions.

In practice, CPAs must also be able to comprehend an unfocused set of facts, identify and anticipate problems, and find acceptable solutions. This involves creative problem solving that infers from knowledge such as textbook and professional standards to seek respectable answers. Answers are often not "clear cut." To develop these problem solving skills, a variety of problems are recommended as discussion problems.

Class Participation: Since classes will not be “straight lecture,” but will include your active participation in discussions and in-class activities, your preparation is critical to success in this course. During the middle of the course, and again at the end of this course you will complete the following evaluation of your class participation. Your self-evaluation is non-binding, but I will consider it in determining your participation points for the class.


Attends class and arrives on time (25%)012345 Reads assigned material prior to class (15%)012345 Completes...
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