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The first operating license from the department of conservation was only for 30 days, for those 30 days 28 people paid $75 dollars each to leap off the 43m bridge, but it wasn’t long before word spread and New Zealand and Queenstown in particular were considered prime destinations on the world adventure tourism map. Economic:

AJ Hackett Bungy had a huge economic effect on New Zealand because it put New Zealand on the adventure tourism map and helped to bring more visitors to New Zealand. Approximately 350,000 people visit the Kawarau Bridge Bungy annually, with about 35,000 doing the jump. Social/cultural:

Some social/cultural factors played a big role in the development of the AJ Hackett Company because visitors such as Chinese and Indians don’t traditionally participate in high adrenalin filled activities. AJ Hackett knew that Chinese and Indian numbers in particular were expected to increase in the coming years. Technological:

As many people started bringing their own digital cameras and video-enabled phones the company knew that they would have to implement technological factors into the bungy experience such as, different range of photos from cameras throughout the bungy site and also interact with the multimedia system immediately to relive every moment of their exhilarating jump. Environmental:

The environmental factors included in AJ Hackett Bungy were that jumpers have the option to bob above, touch or be fully immersed in the water. 2.
Form utility:
Form utility is when marketing provides to consumers by transforming raw materials into finished products, providing consumers with products in the way they want them. Organisations can provide a high level of form utility, e.g. when the warehouse provides consumers with the pieces of a table, so that they can assemble it for themselves. Place utility:

Place utility is when marketing provides to consumers by making products available where they want them, e.g....
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