Audio Linguaal in Study English

Topics: Language education, Foreign language, Second language acquisition Pages: 14 (4952 words) Published: November 19, 2012
English is the most common foreign language that has been studied for all of student in our country. English has been learned since in elementary school until stand in University to get degree. In University, English become the common communication through the students. English uses in international communication, not only in oral form but also in written form. It has been known that student in school often get hard to understand English, they just know a little bit simple vocabulary and they are very lazy to practice it. Sometimes they do those things because they don’t have interest in studying English; they just study English in their school with old method and make them bored. Actually, they want to practice English but they not have capability on it, they just learn it but don’t understand, and do not know how to use it. Even in their school they have to be mastered the 4 skills in English; they just have capability in reading with their bad pronunciations. Teacher must know exactly the condition of their student, and after that they have to do something to solve that problem. In this era, learning program not able to give satisfactory result. It is seen when the process of learning happen, the atmosphere seemed like the boring class. Teachers are busy to deliver the material without care to their students, are they understand the lesson or not. Most of teachers, always monotone and lack of variations they almost stuttering technology, are not able to use media in learning process. Teachers, consciously plan a systematic teaching activity by use all of things that can increase interest in study. Teacher must have creative idea to make their student better in English; on the contrary, they teach their student but their student never understand what they are studied. So they must find other way to teach their student and make them interested in study English. Actually, to know about student interest it is very easy, we must know what kind of method that can make them interested in the lesson. Sometimes they can ask the teacher to provide the new method in teaching and their teachers have to open their mind also aware what the students need in their learning process. Improved learning quality is one of the fundamental improvement in educations a whole, improve the quality of education be an integral part to improve the quality of people. Both aspects of ability, personality and responsibility as a human in the earth. Quality of education depends on the quality of the teachers and learning process. As a result, increasing quality in learning process is a fundamental issue for the improvement of the quality of education in a rational way. Sometimes, to make interesting lesson we can use media and teachers must know how to operate it. People in general are influenced by what is seen, in its feel and hear. In other words, it is not possible when there is a help in the learning process. The above statement can be supported by Munadi (2008), in his book that many states that helps the human senses in the acquisition of knowledge and experience is the sense of hearing and the sense of sight. Based in the explanation above, teachers must realize their position in learning process because they have big deal in the goal of learning. Author knows that in the process of learning student always take low participation and to make it high teacher must teach them in various way and make invention in teaching. If the student has interest in, there is a thirst for knowledge, learning becomes a pleasure, a pursuit, and a kind of enjoyment; if students lose interest in learning, then learning becomes the bitterest errand under the sun naturally positive achievement will not be desirable. When they are study, students can also learn about audio-visual aids and they are perfectly know how to use it. So when they are study or have their own presentation they can imitate their teacher and can make their own way to study....
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