Audi R8 Evaluating Essay

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Timo S
Audi R8 Above & Beyond|
Audi R8 Is a great sports car at a bargain price that delivers mind blowing performance and handling, and does it all with style and comfort.| English Comp 101 |

Audi R8, Wolf amongst the sheep Audi today is considered as one of the best car makers of all times. Audi was found on 14 November 1899, when a man known as August Horch established the company A. Horch & Cie. in Ehrenfeld district of Cologne, Germany.” In the beginning of 1901 Horch invented his first car in Germany, which had a max speed of 32 km/h”. (Wiki) In 1909, Horch established yet another company, Horch Automobile-Werke GmbH, in Zwickau, Germany. Unfortunately Horch lost the legal dispute over the company name, but he came up with a clever solution to the problem. He used “the Latin translation of his name, Audi”. The new company name, Audiwerke Gmbh, became effective on 25 April 1910 and has been one of the leading luxury car companies around the country. (Wiki) Since then Audi has been leading in both the Racing world and in consumer cars. Fast forward to today, “Audi r8 was introduced in Germany in 2006” (Wiki) and was based on a sister car the Lamborghini Gallardo which is also owned by Audi Gmbh. A truly great sports car should definitely cost more than a normal sedan or even a coupe, as speed and technology cost money. However it should also be affordable for an average person. Any average family cars range in price from “Toyota Corolla, MSRP $ 16,000”(KBB) to a “VW CC MSRP $36,000”(KBB) Obviously one can expect a high performance sports car to be well above that, and most are, with some approaching the price of a small house. Why such a difference in price? Where a typical family car is designed with safety and comfort in mind, a sports car will make sacrifices in this area for performance and power. Although with the right technology Comfort and safety can be also achieved. In this day and...
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