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Hybrid Networks

Hybrid Networks refer to emerging network technologies that allow the Internet to support both traditional packet based services as well as new connection oriented services. In networking terminology, a hybrid network--also called a hybrid network topology--combines the best features of two or more different networks. According to "Information Technology Control and Audit," hybrid topologies are reliable and versatile. They provide a large number of connections and data transmission paths to users. Most real life networks are hybrid networks, according to "Selected Readings on Telecommunications and Networking."

Networking Basics
* A network connects computers, scanners, printers and other equipment to make communication and data transmission more efficient. These interconnections are made with cables, such as fiber-optic or copper-wire cables. Networks allow users to send and receive information quickly, share resources and reduce costs. The physical layout of a network is called its topology. There are many types of topologies, including bus, star, ring and hybrid.

Types of Hybrid Networks
The two main types of hybrid networks are star-wired ring and star-wired bus. A star-wired ring hybrid network combines the physical layout of a star network and the logical topology (or the flow of data) of a ring network. The star-wired bus network uses the physical layout of a star network and the data-transmission of a bus network:

1. Star Wired Ring
* A computer network (local area network or wide area network) is a combination of computers, cables and other peripherals for the purpose of data and/or resource sharing. The physical layout of a network is referred to as its topology. There are various kinds of physical topologies, each with distinct advantages and disadvantages. The most commonly used topologies include the bus, star, ring and star-wired ring topologies. 

A star-wired ring topology, or a hub topology, is a combination of the star and ring topologies, including their advantages. It combines the physical layout of the star topology (where each peripheral network, such as a computer, is connected to a common hub) and uses the ring topology method of transferring data (data is transmitted around the entire network in a circle, passing through each computer before reaching its intended destination).

2. Star Wired Bus
 | * Groups of nodes are connected to hubs which are then networked on a single bus * Used to cover longer distances * Also used to interconnect, or isolate, different network segments * Expensive, requires more cable and more hubs * Modern Ethernet, and its faster cousins, are set up using this topology|

Hybrid Network Hardware Components
* Common hybrid network components include routers, repeaters, hubs, bridges, switches, modems and cables. Advantages
* Hybrid networks provide multiple pathways for data transmission between network nodes. The failure of any single hardware component (such as a printer or a cable) does not affect network performance. In such an event, the hybrid network bypasses the affected node/cable and shifts data to an alternate transmission route. Hybrid networks are versatile and can be adapted to a variety of network requirements and sizes. Disadvantages

* Hybrid networks are expensive, difficult to set up, extend and troubleshoot. According to "CompTIA A+ Complete Study Guide," a hybrid network requires more cabling between its nodes than other types of networks. Inconsistencies and errors in individual nodes on a hybrid network are often difficult to isolate and repair. Efficient hybrid networks require intelligent concentration points or hubs. Intelligent hubs are designed to provide automatic fault-isolation and processing. They consistently scan the network, gather information on all nodes, detect errors, isolate faulty nodes and convert network traffic to...
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