Aubrey Drake Graham Drizzy, Drizzy Drake Los Angeles, Ca

Topics: Rapping, Lil Wayne, Young Money Entertainment Pages: 2 (713 words) Published: May 18, 2012
Drake is most known for the genres Hip-hop, R&B, and Pop at which he plays best. With his vocals and thoughtful rhymes, he makes the perfect sound in the type of music that he makes and with his interaction with the crowd has the thousands of people hyped up and excited leaving every person with a lot of energy in the music they are hearing. There are women dancing, people yelling, screaming, jumping and throwing their hands up in the air with much adrenaline. Makes me want to go to a concert live as I am writing this review on a pre-recorded concert on YouTube. I can imagine the feeling being there as I see everybody happy and having fun, with goose bumps, flashing cameras and even drunk people screaming at the top of their lungs.

Songs he sings/raps are from mix tapes but mostly albums. He changes it a little on how the original song is making the song go on how he is feeling at the moment as you can tell right when you hear him which makes the concert more interesting. He is not known for playing instruments of any kind but does for a moment play the piano and hits a couple of keys, nothings fancy though although he has friends behind him playing the drums, piano, electric guitar and a DJ playing/mixing the songs throughout the concert. What makes his music sound cool is when he is singing an R&B with a Hip-hop song and just combines it with rapping makes it a unique way of dealing with the crowd and making the time he is there for very fun and interactive. The words in the songs he says is what catches the peoples hearts and minds.

His body movement, arm movement, interacting with the crowd moving all over the stage making the people sing what’s next in he song gives the fans a good feeling while they are there. The lighting for the concert is mostly dark with a low red and blue lighting as flashing lights are being made and smoke is coming out of nowhere makes the stage look good on drake. Drake dresses very casual, nothing fancy like...
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