Atvs and Road Use

Topics: Police, Natural environment, Wilderness Pages: 1 (272 words) Published: February 15, 2011
Dear Editor,
The issues surrounding ATV’s, especially where they should be allowed to ride, is becoming more and more of a problem every day. Most people view these recreational vehicles as a threat to the environment, saying they ruin the natural landscape and are loud and obnoxious. The other side sees ATV’s as a form of recreation and even as practical vehicles that help get things done. Riders throughout most of the country have little or no freedom. They are not able to choose where they ride, instead the local law enforcement decides for them. The ATV riders believe that a few basic rules are necessary when it comes to riding, but they also want more freedom so they do not feel as though the local police are babysitting them. If towns, or even states all together, become more lenient with their laws the advantages will be never ending. Mainly, state revenue would increase as more consumers would be buying the vehicles and having to register them and obtain permits. ATV tourism would also come along with most areas that adopt a less strict policy on the machines, which would also boost state revenue. As Simmi Aujla says in his article published in The Wall Street Journal, entitled “States Warm to ATV’s to Drive Tourism,” “The vehicles, long regarded by conservationists as loud, dangerous and destructive to the natural landscape, now seem like a promising new source of revenue” (par. 2). The rise in revenue that comes along with less lenient ATV laws should be enough of a reason to get rid of the burdening laws! Sincerely,

Joshua Stone
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