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The objectives of the mini-Baja competition are to design and manufacture a “fun to drive”, versatile, safe, durable, and high performance off road vehicle. Team members must ensure that the vehicle satisfies the limits of set rules, while also to generating financial support for the project, and managing their educational responsibilities. This vehicle must be capable of negotiating the most extreme terrain with confidence and ease. The 2012 SRM UNIVERSITY Mini-Baja Team, THE CONRODS met these objectives by dividing the vehicle into its major component subsystems. By examining the 2011 entry, the team was able improve on many design features to better meet the stated requirements. Function Diagram (QFD) to determine which parameters were the most critical. These key parameters ranging from most critical to least critical are safety, reliability, low cost, ease of operation and maintenance, and overall performance.

ENGINE Type Displacement Compression Ratio Max Power Max Torque DRIVE TRAIN Transmission Gear Shift Mechanism SUSPENSION Front Suspension Rear Suspension Ground Clearance Shocks and Springs Front Susp. Travel Rear Susp. Travel WHEELS Front Tyres Rear Tyres BRAKES Working Fluid Type Pedal Ratio M C Bore Dia W C Bore Dia Brake Disc Dia STEERING Type Mechanism Steering Ratio Lock to lock angle 4 Stroke, OHV,B&S 304 cc 8:1 7.5 KW @ 3600 rpm 18.5 Nm @ 2600 rpm Mahindra Champion Alfa (forward Orientation) Sequential Double Wishbone Double Wishbone 11.5 inches Customized 5 inches 6.5 inches 22*8-10 22*8-10 Dot-3 Oil All Wheel Disc 4:1 0.8 inch 1.6 inch 6 inch Ackermann Rack and Pinion 10.7:1 400

THE CONRODS BAJA SAEINDIA vehicle is designed as a prototype for manufacture by an outdoor recreation firm. The ideal vehicle is safe, simple and inexpensive. Additionally, the vehicle is attractive to potential buyers in both its visual appearance and performance. These characteristics are considered in design of the following major vehicle subsystems: frame, suspension, steering, and braking.

Before any design could begin, we had to understand exactly who our customers are and their needs. To gain this understanding, we did extensive research that included market survey and interviewing both professional and nonprofessional local off-road enthusiasts. With this research, we determined that our customers are the BAJA SAEINDIA event and non-professional weekend off-road enthusiasts. We felt it necessary to distinguish between the two to ensure that we followed all rules set by SAEINDIA INDIA and to accommodate the weekend off-road enthusiasts in a safe manner within the SAEINDIA rules. With all necessary design parameters determined for each customer base, we were able to combine them for an overall list of design specifications that met all SAEINDIA requirements. We used these parameters to create a Qualitative

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Turning radius 2.7 meters CHASSIS/OVERALL DIMENSIONS Chassis Material IS 3074 CDS1 Tubular Frame Overall Length 2100 mm Wheel Base 1490 mm Wheel Track 1143.2 mm Height of Vehicle 1520.0 mm WEIGHTS Front Wheel Assembly 10 Kg Rear Wheel Assembly 11.8 Kg Engine(with engine oil) 23 Kg Transmission(with 17 Kg lubricant) Chassis 55 Kg Dampers 8 Kg Expected Kerb Weight 260 Kg

Parameters Speed Stopping Distance Acceleration Gradability Turning circle dia. Ground Clearance Emissions Values 40 km/h 7m 11.6 seconds 82.2% 5.4 m 11.6 inches BS III

the planes created by the roll cage and the driver’s helmet. SAEINDIA also require a 3 inch envelope when a straight-edge is applied to any two tubing. Emphasis was placed on creating an easily manufactured roll cage with few parts, minimal welding and yet is still both light and strong, hence the numbers of bends...
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