Topics: Judgment Day, Last Judgment, Death Pages: 1 (293 words) Published: February 24, 2013

“Watch out and pray”, he said. “Watch and pray. The judgment day is at hand.” He collapsed through the doorway on to the platform. From a recumbent position he looked up at Mr. Blore and said with immense dignity: “I’m talking to you, young man. The day of judgment is very close at hand.” Subsiding into his seat Mr. Blore thought to himself:

“He’s nearer the day of judgment than I am!”
But there, as it happens, he was wrong. “

Style Analysis:

“Watch out and pray”, he said. “Watch and pray.” When this warning is being told to Mr. Blore, Christie highlights a constant repetition of watching out and praying as in form of keeping the character’s life safe. This intensifies the situation and creates a mysterious and dark mood on it. “The judgment day is at hand.” Mentioning the Judgement Day more than once makes an emphasis on death. As the Christian Bible states the Day of Judgment is the time when God decides whether the dead person is qualified to enter his sacred kingdom depending on the good and bad actions committed during life’s journey. “I’m talking to you, young man. The day of judgment is very close at hand.” This being said by the old man said to Mr. Blore is opposing the law on nature since is usually common for an elder to die first than a young adult, however it is ironic how this character will probably be dead before this old man. This controversy created with this comment creates a suspense sensation and anxiety to know what is going to happen next to the reader. The mystery being left by the author is: how is this going to affect the plot throughout the novel?
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