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Group Exercise: Using Attribution Theory to Resolve Performance Problems Instructions
Presented on the following page is a case that depicts the performance of Payal Chavan, a computer programmer. Please read the case and then identify the causes of her behavior by answering the questions following the case. Then determine whether you made an internal or external attribution. After completing this task, decide on the appropriateness of various forms of corrective action. A list of potential recommendations has been developed. The list is divided into four categories.


Payal Chavan, 30, received her BE degree in computer science from a reputable college in the India. She also graduated with above-average grades. Payal is currently working in the computer support/ analysis department as a programmer for an MNC. During the past year, Payal has missed 10 days of work. She seems unmotivated and rarely has her assignments completed on time. Payal is usually given the harder programs to work on. Past records indicate Payal, on the average, completes programs classified as “routine” in about 45 hours. Her co-workers, on the other hand, complete “routine” programs in an average time of 32 hours. Further, Payal finishes programs considered “major problems,” on the average, in about 115 hours. Her coworkers, however, finish these same “major problem” assignments, on the average, in about 100 hours. When Payal has worked in programming teams, her peer performance reviews are generally average to negative. Her male peers have noted she is not creative in attacking problems and she is difficult to work with. The computer department recently sent a questionnaire to all users of its services to evaluate the usefulness and accuracy of data received. The results indicate many departments are not using computer output because they cannot understand the reports. It was also determined that the users of output generated from Payal’s programs found...
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