Attributes Affecting Retail Outlet Selection

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  • Published : May 5, 2011
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Attributes Affecting Retail Outlet Selection

Outlet image
–A consumer’s or a target market’s perception of all the attributes associated with a retail outletAttributes Affecting Retail Outlet Selection Store image - perception of all the attributes associated with a retail outlet.

Retailer Brands
Store brands are closely related to store image, and at the extreme, the store or outlet is the brand. _Traditionally, retailers carried only manufacturers' brands, and only a few, such as Sears and Wards, developed their own brands. _Increasingly retailers such as Wal-Mart and Target are developing and promoting high-quality brands with either the store’s name or an independent name. _The key to success of store brands--high quality at a reasonable price.

Outlet Location and Size
Location and size play an important role in store choice.
_All else equal, consumers generally select the closest store. _Outlet size is also important. Generally, customers prefer larger outlets over smaller outlets. _The retail attraction model, or the retail gravitation model, is used to calculate the level of store attraction based on store size and distance from the consumer.

Shopping Orientation
A Shopping orientation is a shopping style that puts particular emphasis on certain activities or shopping motivations. A recent study used projective techniques (in this case, thinking about an animal) to ascertain the ways college students approach shopping. • Chameleons

· Shopping style situation specific or constantly changing
· Shopping approach is based on product type, shopping impetus, and purchase task • Collectors/Gatherers
· Propensity to stockpile items and to purchase large quantities to either save money or alleviate the need for shopping · Attempt to get the best price and take advantage of retailer guarantees • Foragers

· Particular and motivated to purchase only the desired items · Willing to search extensively and have little store loyalty; Prefer to...
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