Attractive People Deserves to Be More Successful Than Ugly People

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Attractive people deserve to be more successful than ugly people

In an ideal world, good looks appeal to job interviewers, potential mating partners and other situations where good looks can be added as an extra leverage in daily situations. Moreover, successful job interviews mean good jobs, good money, and good life; whereas relationship wise, attractive people attract fellow attractive partners typically with good genes and not to mention good jobs. Being beautiful seems to be rewarding therefore it can be said that good looking people simply have it good as these factors are points of success. But what is success? The question is a subjective one thus each individual have different definitions of success. For instance, those who prefer wealth and high end careers can regard Howard Hughes or Bill Gates as successful whereas others can make an example out of sport and artistic figures or individuals who found career and success with charity. Some might count being with the person of love and having a family with them to be successful; the answer is widely open for discussion but ultimately successful people typically possess strong characteristics such as grit, perseverance, determination and self-confidence. But are most of them also physically attractive? Various claims have told us that attractive individuals are more successful in career and mating and if that is certainly the case then this notion leaves us with the impression of bias amongst society where the beautiful will always be preferred and others who are not are left with undeserved discrimination. Furthermore, having the phrase ‘Beauty is only skin deep’ thrown around to believe that physical attractiveness is completely superficial has not been warranted. Likewise, the ugly are subsequently placed in a lose-lose situation where the general response to physical attractiveness is innate and unquestionable thus this problem suggests that the ugly are due for extra work in life in contrast to the alleged ‘life-cruiser’ perk that the beautiful possess. So do attractive people really deserve to be more successful and what can the ugly do to justify this?

Attractive people are considered to be more successful, interesting and intelligent than unattractive people (Dion, Berscheid & Walster, 1972). It is hard to ignore the fact how exactly attractive people charms the way they do and why we are fond to what we perceive as attractive has been a long and puzzling matter.

Despite the subjective nature of the question, one element of attractiveness amongst others is facial symmetry as recent studies found that perfectly symmetric faces were more attractive than the original, slightly asymmetric (Perrett et al., 1999; Rhodes et al., 1998, 1999a,b). Rhodes (2005) included in his journal that ‘components of attractiveness may include averageness, symmetry, sexual dimorphism, a pleasant expression, good grooming, youthfulness. The three main components of what determines an attractive face are averageness, symmetry and sexual dimorphism. These three components play a significant role in determining success rates in mating and career and are present in both male and female faces and across cultures (Rhodes, 2005). Jokela (2009) revealed that attractiveness also increased the cumulative years of marriage in women and men. This suggested that attractiveness improves the interpersonal relationships between males and females because the innate desire for attractive mating partners has been met; saying males prefers beautiful and feminine features in females while females prefers males with attractive bodies and masculine attributes in the facial region which signals dominance and status (Rhodes, 2005).

Moreover, attractive people in workplaces are usually more successful when dealing with interpersonal relations. According to a survey conducted by Elle/ called “Work & Power”, 58% of attractive female bosses got high ratings for being successful at...
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