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Attorney client confidentiality means that the attorney is forbidden to reveal anything that the client tells him in confidence without express permission. This standard is imperative so that the client may disclose all issues, even damaging or discomforting information. The attorney must have access to this information in order to properly advise and represent a client. There are many reasons the concept of the attorney-client confidentiality are important within the criminal justice system, and there are major concerns involved in maintaining confidentiality. To maintain confidentiality, an attorney must only share information on a need-to-know basis. Furthermore, attorney-client confidentiality is important because, in most cases, the information that a client gives a lawyer could be vital in a trial case and could be the determining factor as to if a person is granted freedom or not. For instance, a person may be the suspect in a murder case with all of the evidence pointing to them, but the client may have told the attorney a particular piece of information, and may hold further evidence, that if told in the wrong way may hurt the client more than help.If their clients could not provide that information without the guarantee that it remains between them and the attorney, then they would keep the information to themselves. This would result in a justice system based on who the most skillful liar is rather than a process for uncovering the truth. So therefore allowing a client to seek counsel with an attorney and having a confidentiality agreement allows for the attorney to protect their client from incriminating themselves when they are indeed innocent. On the contrary, there are exceptions to where the confidentiality agreement can be broken. In brief, an attorney may reveal confidential information in order to prevent bodily harm or to protect life; to prevent the commission of a crime or fraud; or for the attorney to receive legal advice as relates to...
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